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Frensa Mukhallat Gold is a fragrance as precious and captivating as the metal it is named after. The scent journey begins with a radiant burst of exotic spices and perhaps citrus, a vibrant opening that immediately catches attention. This gives way to a lush, floral heart, a medley of roses, jasmine, or perhaps orchids, embodying the romantic allure of the Orient. Anchoring the fragrance is a base of robust woods, perhaps sandalwood or cedar, intertwined with sweet amber and sensual musk, creating an unforgettable depth. A hint of vanilla may add a comforting sweetness, rounding out this golden composition. Mukhallat Gold is a scent that dazzles, a luxurious blend that leaves an indelible, opulent trail.

Available size: 10ML


Frensa Mukhallat Gold

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