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Navrang Hina, as vibrant as its name implies, is a scent symphony that pays homage to the sensory richness of traditional attars. The fragrance unfurls with a heady swirl of spice-laden, resinous hina, invoking an intoxicating warmth that evokes the mystique of the East. Delicate nuances of floral notes weave a tapestry through the heart, echoing the blooming beauty of a lush, midnight garden. As the scent settles, a smooth undercurrent of amber and musk emerges, offering an earthy depth and longevity to the fragrance. Complex and enchanting, Navrang Hina is an aromatic journey that paints a vivid olfactory portrait, leaving a distinctive and memorable trail. 

Available size :10ML.

Frensa Navrang Hina

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